We have two ways in which we can help sell your car - outright purchase or sale or return

Selling Your Porsche

If you’re thinking of selling your Porsche and you want to avoid the hassle of selling it privately, or you’re not sure how to go about it, then please contact us.

We have two ways in which we can help sell your car. The first is for Auto Umbau Ltd to undertake an outright purchase on your vehicle. The second and more popular option is to use our 'Sale or Return' mechanism. For more information on 'Sale or Return' please read below.

Sale or Return

The ‘Sale or Return’ or SOR process is very simple, first we walk you through our terms and conditions and associated fees. Once you are happy we will undertake a cursory inspection of the car and undertake a market valuation to ascertain the expected upper and lower levels for final sale price. If you are happy with the anticipated net return after SOR costs we will then undertake a full Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI). This PPI will highlight any work that would be required in order to prepare the car for sale and to meet Auto Umbau standards. Any final adjustment to net return can be calculated and the marketing process can commence. Auto Umbau will undertake all marketing and sale negotiations, taking the sale through to a conclusion.

The benefits of SOR over selling privately or undertaking an outright trade purchase are several fold. Firstly your net return is significantly higher than the trade in value and often similar to that from a private sale. Buyers will pay a premium to buy from a reputable specialist with a warranty and the peace of mind this gives.

In addition the car is comprehensively insured whilst in the showroom or on road test. Buyers who need finance on their purchase can also be accommodated in the SOR process.

Contact us to sell your Porsche

What are the advantages of selling your car with Auto Umbau Ltd?

If you wish to sell your Porsche car but do not want to do this yourself then let us assist you. Your car will be garaged securely and will not leave our premises (unless on an accompanied test drive) until it is paid for in full. Our showroom based at the English Heritage site, Wrest Park will present your car in a manner that compliments it’s appearance, clean and presented to it’s best standard. A sales person will be available https://agilix.nl/resources/ig/health/ at the showroom but viewings will be by appointment only to encourage serious buyers.

Auto Umbau Ltd will give your car a full check that potential buyers can refer too, or you as a seller can address pre sale https://fentimans.com/user_guide/tutorial/kamagra-online/. We are also available to service and repair your car to make it perfect for sale.

Pictures of your car can be taken by us at a set location on site. The advantage of this, is that cars are always shown in a consistent manner and to a high standard. We will advertise your car on top car sales websites, as the Auto Umbau dealership. This gives your car more credibility and governs a higher end price.