Whether you drive a new or older Porsche one thing remains the same, you want your car maintained to the highest standard.


Owning a Porsche is unlike owning most cars. Cars made by Porsche are very valuable, especially the older cars. Porsche has built up an excellent reputation in engineering, although it is widely acknowledged that the quality of the materials used in the past are of higher quality than now.

Technology moves on and thus Porsche cars have become better in terms of performance and safety. Whether you drive a new or older Porsche, one thing remains the same, you want your car maintained to the highest standard.

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If you are privileged enough to own a Porsche you should ensure you protect your investment. Even the Porsche 924, 944 and 928’s are increasing in value, where as a not that long ago, they were regarded as almost valueless. So no matter what model you have they will eventually go up in value, it’s just a matter of time.

Much of a cars value is in proving that the vehicle has been well maintained during it’s life so wear and tear have been kept to a minimum. This is especially so with a Porsche as the number of miles travelled is less important if it is supported up by a decent maintenance file. Remember if someone says it was done without proof, then the reality is as far as anyone else is concerned, it has not been done.

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We go the extra mile on your 911, ensuring care and expert servicing.

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Boxster Service

The Boxster requires a different service approach to a 911.

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924/928/944/968 Service

Find out more about our 924, 928, 944 & 968 servicing.

The first line of defence is you the owner. Whether you do the work yourself or not, does not matter, as long as you ensure it is done and can prove it. There are simple things from washing the car and storing it inside a garage which keep the elements at bay, but after that it gets more complex. Every car maker provides a servicing schedule for each vehicle they manufacture, known as the service or maintenance interval. This is normally the minimum requirement needed while the car is in the manufacturers stated warranty period, but is normally stated in numbers of miles travelled or per year and so extends pass the manufacturers legal responsibility.

Porsche like most car makers publish a servicing check sheet for each model. The check sheet lists items on the car that the service technician should look at and make a judgement on whether the particular part or system being check is in a serviceable condition or not. The number of items checked depends on what type of service is being performed. Although minor cleaning will take place underneath the car, so that judgements and adjustments can be made, servicing does not call for repairs to be made. Servicing does not stop parts from eventually wearing out.

Normally only filters and the engine oil are replaced; and coolant and screen wash topped up. Basics such as checking and ensuring your tyres are in a safe condition and at the correct pressure are made, but this would not take into account the tracking (the alignment of your wheels so that they have the right amount of contact with the road and wear evenly) or slow tyre pressure loss.

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Like most cars, Porsche's do suffer from common problems, and many of them can be avoided by proper maintenance. Maintenance and servicing is not the same thing. A car with a good service history does not necessarily mean the car has been maintained well. Many enthusiast prefer to do their own maintenance, such as replacing corroded parts, or cleaning the brake dust off their wheels, while having the servicing work performed by a garage as most people misunderstand the difference between servicing and maintenance. Even Porsche themselves call their servicing plans maintenance intervals.

Auto Umbau Porsche is enthusiast driven and believes that owners want their cars maintained properly in order to avoid common known problems; thus avoiding large repair bills in the future. A typical example of this would be to clean the front condensers and radiators out, removing all the covers on water cooled 911’s, Boxster’s and Cayman’s to protect the aluminium from corroding. Just blowing them out with an airline while all the covers remain in place is not good enough to avoid the corrosion issue.

How do you know we are enthusiasts; because we either own or have owned many of the models and therefore lived with them for decades. Even before we were contracted by some of the car makers themselves (and we still are) we worked in a number of them, and therefore come from a true OE background. We therefore have completely different standards of workmanship compared to most aftermarket, and even some franchised garages. If you want to see it for yourself, then feel free to drop in.